BCBC Cabinet to discuss changes to Disabled Facilities Grant

Bridgend County Borough’s Cabinet, when it meets next week, will discuss proposed changes to the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) including proposals to invite contractors to deliver required works.

If approved, a framework will be used to appoint contractors to carry out works under the DFG, which provides grants to disabled people who need to make changes to their home and will be an opportunity for businesses and contractors to work in collaboration with the council.

DFG grants apply to adults and children’s cases, and the framework will be divided into ‘lots’ to cover the wide range of work that will be expected including the installation of ramps, low-level showers and bathrooms, stairlifts and full extensions.

Other changes to the grant will also be discussed by Cabinet which include removing the means test for small and medium grants across Wales as proposed by Welsh Government.

It is currently a requirement of the grant, which provides money to individuals who need to make changes to their home, to undertake a means test to determine whether a contribution is required towards the works – the grant has a maximum limit of £36,000.

The grant is currently available to homeowners, tenants in the private sector and tenants of Valleys to Coast Housing.

Its purpose is to allow people to remain within their own home and works must be ‘reasonable’ and ‘practicable’ and meet the needs of the individual as set out by an occupational therapist assessment.

The cost to local authorities of withdrawing the means test for small and medium grants across Wales is estimated by Welsh Government to be £238,000. Welsh Government has increased grant funding for the next three years to support this change.

Cabinet will also discuss an amendment to the Private Sector Housing Renewal and Disabled Adaptations Policy which will see a one-track process for all DFG applications that follow the current established processes.

Cabinet will meet to discuss the proposals at 2.30pm on Tuesday 8 March 2022.