Bridgend Indoor Market to celebrate its 50th anniversary

The Bridgend Indoor Market is celebrating its milestone 50th anniversary on Sunday and an exciting PopUp Wales initiative means the stall holders of the future might just be around the corner.

The market first opened on Monday 15 May 1972 and it was then made official the following week by the then chairman of Bridgend Urban Council.


“I first remember it as a very bright big hall with pop-up stalls,” said historian, Natalie Murphy.

“It’s great to see that some of the stalls are still in the same place today. For example, Peter Wood from the butchers is now retired but his son Tim is still working there to the current day.”


The market will also live long in the memory for someone like Tim Wood, whose association goes right back to the beginning.

“I remember the opening as I was sitting in the back of my dad’s van and holding all the equipment and everything as we were moving in,” said Tim.

“I’ve just lived my life there as there was no childcare or anything back in those days and both my parents worked here so they always used to bring me with them.

“Over the years we have got to know people as both friends and customers, we pride ourselves on our service and always add a personal touch.”


Tim is a big believer in the market and would encourage anyone to pay the market a visit.

“There’s lots of fresh produce here daily. You’ve got a butcher, fruit and veg, bread and all your local foods as well as the type of essential things you need everyday” added Tim.

“Bridgend is known as a market town and we should cherish the market. People should use the market because otherwise we will lose our identity,” concluded Tim.


Tara Tarapetian, Urban Foundry, said: “We understand that there are some risks around when starting a new business so PopUp Wales is a meanwhile initiative that matches empty spaces with new businesses so they can test the market at affordable prices whilst lowering the risk for them.”


Janine Nightingale, Corporate Director for Communities, said: “It is clear to see from the memories of Tim Wood, that the indoor market still plays an important role in the community.

“It’s great to see the market celebrate its 50th anniversary and hopefully there will be many more successful years in the future.”


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