Caerphilly Cabinet commit to continue paying Foundation Living Wage and temporarily increase mileage rates

Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Cabinet has agreed to continue its commitment to pay its staff the Foundation Living Wage rate and to adopt the ‘Joint Protocol Mileage Rates in Local Authorities in Wales’ to provide a temporary increase in mileage reimbursements costs.

The proposals were approved during a meeting held on 19th October, where Cabinet members also agreed to implement the increased rate of £10.90 from 22 September 2022. This marks the largest increase in the Foundation’s history; the rate agreed in November 2021 was £9.90.

Cabinet also approved a temporary increase in mileage reimbursements costs in the short term to address current market volatility in fuel rates.

Cllr Nigel George, the Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for Corporate Services, said “As a responsible employer, the Council has paid the Foundation Living Wage since 2012 and is committed to continuing to do so. We are acutely aware of the impact of the cost of living crisis and, as a Cabinet, have decided to backdate the increased rate to the earlier date of September to offer additional financial assistance to staff.

“The Council is considering a range of methods to support staff and residents through these difficult times, adopting the increased Living Wage and the temporary uplift in mileage reimbursements are just some of the ways that we’re working to do this.”

Further information can be found at: Agenda for Cabinet on Wednesday, 19th October, 2022, 1.00 pm (group.local)