Calls not answered and annoying ‘on hold’ music are top customer phone gripes in Wales

A new survey shows that companies still aren’t answering their phones, messages aren’t being passed on, phone numbers aren’t being listed on websites, and annoying ‘on hold’ music continues to drive people round the bend.

The survey*, conducted among more than 1,000 consumers across the UK, by global communications company Moneypenny, showed that the top phone gripes in Wales were annoying hold music (55%), which is higher than any other region, calls not being answered (44%), and complex automated phone messages (31%).


An additional Moneypenny survey showed that classical music was the most annoying type of music to listen to while on hold.

Further phone annoyances for the Welsh, revealed by the survey were:
22% – Being told to check the website
22% – Feeling rushed and not listened to

19% – Background call centre noise

Another huge bugbear revealed by the survey is that 63% of the Welsh said they get frustrated when businesses don’t include a phone number on their website.

The survey showed the number of calls to companies is declining in Wales, with 33% saying they are making fewer calls to businesses than they did three years ago, while only 17% say they are making more calls.  However, calls to businesses are lasting longer (41%).


Businesses ignore the importance of good call handling at their peril, and managing calls properly is more important than ever, as the survey suggests those in Wales call up when it’s really important:

39% if it was an urgent matter
27% if it was a complicated matter
21% if it was sensitive


The power of a phone call in delivering excellent customer service is also shown in the fact that 70% of those in Wales surveyed said a great call experience is a positive differentiator for a company.

Similarly, a bad call experience could have repercussions for Welsh customer loyalty:

43% would complain to the business
30% would take their business elsewhere
20% would spread the word to friends and family
19% would write a negative review
19% would call again and ask to speak to someone else

Joanna Swash Group CEO of Moneypenny commented: “The results of our survey demonstrate the enduring popularity of the phone, despite the plethora of communication channels now available to us. Customers use the phone when they have an urgent or sensitive issue to discuss, so companies cannot afford to provide a poor call experience, or business will be taken elsewhere.  By mastering the art of call handling, businesses can keep their customers happy and loyal and boost the bottom-line in the process.”

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