Candidates confirmed for local government elections on 5 May

Candidates have now been confirmed for the local government elections which are due to be held on Thursday 5 May 2022.

Following a recent review undertaken by the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales, the election will be the first to feature a new ward structure.

The election will determine who the 51 members representing 28 wards on Bridgend County Borough Council will be for the next five years.

It will also account for 236 seats covering 20 local town and community councils across 49 community wards.

For the county borough council election, each of the 51 new members will represent an average of 2,096 electors.

Fifteen of the new wards will be represented by more than one councillor, seven will feature two councillors, and eight will feature three councillors.

The full list of candidates is as follows:

Ward name:
Number of seats:


· Sara Jen Thomas (Independent)
· Janet Mary Webber (Welsh Labour)
· Ellie Richards (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)


· Andrew James McKay (Independent)
· Vanessa Janet Latchem-Smith (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Hywel Miles Williams (Welsh Labour)

Brackla East and Coychurch Lower

· Cheryl Pickering (Independent)
· Philip Donald Pickering (Independent)
· Rebekah Diane Fudge (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Kay Louise Rowlands (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Eugene Lewis Phillip Caparros (Welsh Labour)
· Simon John Griffiths (Welsh Labour)
· Yasmin Zahra (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)

Brackla East Central

· Mark Charles Payn (Independent)
· Tyler Saul Nathan Sean Walsh (Welsh Conservative Party)
· William James Kendall (Welsh Labour)
· Philippa Richards (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)

Brackla West

· Lisa Louise Lewis (Independent)
· Aniello Angelo Pucella (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Johanna Ellen Elizabeth Llewellyn-Hopkins (Welsh Labour)

Brackla West Central

· Fran Sullivan (Independent)
· Martin Keith Hughes (Welsh Conservative Party)
· John Charles Spanswick (Welsh Labour)

Bridgend Central

· Steven James Bletsoe (Independent)
· Steven Easterbrook (Independent)
· Timothy Wood (Independent)
· Thomas Joseph Dwyer (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Alexander Stephen Hughes-Howells (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Marco Lorenzo Pucella (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Stuart Baldwin (Welsh Labour)
· Ceri Evans (Welsh Labour)
· David White (Welsh Labour)

Bryntyrion, Laleston and Merthyr Mawr

· Anthony Robert Berrow (Independent)
· Ian Matthew Spiller (Independent)
· Nathan James Adams (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Samantha Nida Chohan (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Betty Kettley (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Joanne Carina Cook (Welsh Labour)
· Colin Davies (Welsh Labour)
· Stephen Andrew Sloan (Welsh Labour)
· Briony Jane Davies (Welsh Liberal Democrats)
· Cheryl Anne Green (Welsh Liberal Democrats)
· Stephen Lake (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)


· Christopher Louis Charles Davies (Independent)
· Matthew Rowlands (Independent)
· Michael Day (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Lee Williams (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Paul Davies (Welsh Labour)
· Robert Wyn Lewis (Welsh Labour)
· Kyle Duggan (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)

Cefn Glas

· David Terry Harrison (Independent)
· Gillian Muriel Bird (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Joshua Paul Davies Kumar Chohan (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Jon-Paul Blundell (Welsh Labour)
· Charles Emrys Smith (Welsh Labour)

Coity Higher

· Alan Wathan (Independent)
· Amanda Jayne Williams (Independent)
· Martin John Williams (Independent)
· Melissa Jayne Humphreys (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Claire Louise Lewis (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Samuel Ofunwa (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Zoe Christine Mary Blundell (Welsh Labour)
· Jamie Henderson (Welsh Labour)
· Robbie Thomas (Welsh Labour)


· Dorian Morgan (Independent)
· Jefferson Houseman Tildesley (Independent)
· David Berkerolles Turberville Deere (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Nicholas John Kempley (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Craig Morgan (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Richard Morgan Granville (Welsh Labour)
· Anthony Kavanagh (Welsh Labour)
· Elaine Denise Winstanley (Welsh Labour)

Garw Valley

· John Peter Coles (Independent)
· William Anthony Esmond (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Ben Alan George Lewis (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Angela Melanie Voisey (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Heather Griffiths (Welsh Labour)
· Martyn Jones (Welsh Labour)
· Maxine Lewis (Welsh Labour)


· Paul Hopkin John (Wales Green Party)
· Henry William Davies (Welsh Labour)
· Robert Malcolm James (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)

Maesteg East

· Thomas Henry Beedle (Independent)
· Phillip William Jenkins (Independent)
· Simon James Care (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Joshua Owain Nuth (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Fadhel Aziz Abedalkarim (Welsh Labour)
· Martin Lloyd Hughes (Welsh Labour)
· Kirsty Rice-Duggan (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)

Maesteg West

· Ross Thomas (Independent)
· Mary Emment-Lewis (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Robert James Lewis (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Richard John Collins (Welsh Labour)
· Rosemary Anne Rose Martin (Welsh Labour)
· Benjamin Southgate (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)


· Shaun Daniel Jones (Welsh Conservative Party)
· William Rhys Goode (Labour and Co-operative Party)


· Mario Gareth Jones (Independent)
· Jonathan Edward Pratt (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Elen Carys Jones (Welsh Labour)


· Mark Anthony Chegwen (Independent)
· Norah Clarke (Independent)
· Jamie Strong (Independent)
· Robert Charles Lee (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Valerie Jean Monks (Welsh Labour)

Ogmore Vale

· Della Mary Hughes (Independent)
· Jeffrey Alan Lake (Independent)
· Jessica Jane Gail Martin (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Laura Elizabeth Phillips (Wales Green Party)
· Dhanisha Patel (Welsh Labour)
· Christine Moore (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)


· Freya Dorothy Bletsoe (Independent)
· Ian Williams (Independent)
· Paul Kumar Chohan (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Matthew Colin Voisey (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Angela Morelli (Welsh Labour)
· Martin Smidman (Welsh Labour)

Pencoed and Penprysg

· John Alexander Thomas Williams (Independent)
· John Butcher (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Ian Williams (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Barry John Doughty (Welsh Labour)
· Melanie Jayne Evans (Welsh Labour)
· Richard Williams (Welsh Labour)
· Leanne Lewis (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)


· Neil John Hoskins (Independent)
· Corey Gwilym Edwards (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Justine Hilda Josephine Jenkins (The Green Party)
· Heidi Theressa Bennett (Labour and Co-operative Party)
· Iolo James Caudy (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)

Porthcawl East Central

· Brian Terence Jones (Independent)
· Julia Clare Jones (Independent)
· Steven Maitland Thomas (Independent)
· Byron John Davies (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Carolyn Margaret Perren (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Neelo Farr (Welsh Labour)
· Graham Walter (Welsh Labour)

Porthcawl West Central

· Sean Aspey (Independent)
· Lorraine Lindsay Desmond-Williams (Independent)
· Richard Llewellyn Hughes (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Chloe Shaye Rees (Welsh Labour)

Pyle, Kenfig Hill and
Cefn Cribwr

· David Alan Unwin (Independent)
· Rhys David Watkins (Independent)
· Louise Barham (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Charlotte Ella Harries (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Ryan James Paul Lewis (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Huw David (Welsh Labour)
· Jane Allison Gebbie (Welsh Labour)
· Michael John Kearn (Welsh Labour)

Rest Bay

· Robert Jon Smith (Independent)
· Francis Jeffrey Perren (Welsh Conservative Party)

St Bride’s Minor and Ynysawdre

· Mark Richard John (Independent)
· Leanne Teahan-Dyer (Independent)
· Timothy James Thomas (Independent)
· Michele Crackett (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Linda Beatrice Edger (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Carley Elizabeth May Winter (Welsh Conservative Party)
· Paula Ford (Welsh Labour)
· Mark Anthony Galvin (Welsh Labour)
· Gary Thomas (Welsh Labour)

The deadline for registering to vote is Thursday 14 April and further details can be found at

Anyone who has already registered to vote will receive a polling card through the post indicating which polling station they should visit on 5 May.

Anyone who would like to use a postal vote will need to complete a postal vote application form which must be sent back to Bridgend County Borough Council’s electoral registration office to arrive no later than 5pm on Tuesday 19 April.

Meanwhile, the deadline to apply to vote by proxy – allowing somebody you trust to vote on your behalf – is Tuesday 26 April.

Polling day will be held on Thursday 5 May, and the counting of votes will take place on Friday 6 May.

Further details can be found at the elections page of