Cardiff Council issues statement on Hailey Park

Cardiff Council has issued a statement on the Hailey Park proposals.

A council spokesperson said: “An advert was placed in the Western Mail on 27th May 2022 by Cardiff Council under s.123 of the Local Government Act 1972, outlining a proposal to dispose of 59,000 square metres of land at Hailey Park. The advert should have referred to 1,500 square metres.

“The proposed disposal is for a Community Lease to enable a local sports club to secure grant funding to enable investment in the existing changing rooms and to provide a drainage scheme for the two adjacent sports pitches shown edged blue. The land would remain in council ownership and to be clear, no green space would be lost, if the proposal is agreed.

“The Community Lease only relates to the existing changing rooms, car park and access road, shown edged in red on the plan, which is 1,500 square metres, and not the whole park as originally suggested.

“The Council is seeking representations on the proposal to lease the land to the local sports club land prior to proceeding.”