Cornelly parents ‘worried sick’ pending Welsh Government review on a change to school transport policy

After a successful campaign calling for a review of Welsh Government’s Learner Travel Measures and their impact on Cornelly schools, parents and local politicians have expressed their concerns that the promised review is not taking place quickly enough.

A change to transport policy has left year 7 children forced to walk up to 40 minutes in the cold, dark and rain on an ‘unsafe and unsuitable route’ to reach Cynffig Comprehensive School in Pyle.  Following the successful campaign by parents, local councillors and the local MS, the Welsh Government have promised a review but in the meantime children are continuing to struggle and parents are now concerned that the process is not being undertaken with the urgency the situation requires.


Cornelly County Councillor Richard Granville said:

“The changes to school transport policy should not have been made without proper investigation into the impact this would have on pupils in Cornelly – and it will also affect other children across Wales.  I am pleased that the review is being undertaken now, but we need prompt interim action before a child is run over or killed.  Every child should be able to get to school safely and parents should not have to worry about such a basic need.”


Cornelly Community Councillor Jane Granville said:

“I became involved in this campaign because women in our local choir were talking about it – having lived in the area for my entire life, I could not believe that anyone, let alone children, was expected to make that dangerous journey every day on foot.

“It is the overwhelming reason I stood for the community council and I will do everything in my power to get this resolved for the children and parents in our community.  Our MS walked the route with me, and as two fully able adults, we struggled.  The route is busy, it is not straightforward and is unsafe for adults, never mind children.

“Everything about this is awful.  We have half empty buses running, while young children are being put at risk  and arriving to school soaking wet – many of the roads don’t have a clear walking route or suitable crossings.  Parents are rightfully worried sick about their children getting safely to school.

“We were delighted when the Welsh Government announced a review, but I am concerned at the lack of progress to date.   I will keep fighting for our children until the Welsh Government resolves this issue properly – and it needs to be treated as a priority. ”


Sarah Murphy, MS for Bridgend and Porthcawl, added:

“I think about the children of Cornelly, Coychurch and all those across our constituency of Bridgend and Porthcawl who are having to walk 45 minutes to school every day. Every time I wake up and it is raining, I think about the children who have to sit in their soggy clothes all day in their classrooms. I don’t think this is conducive to getting their education, which is their human right to receive.

I have raised this issue in the Senedd Chamber, I have written to Ministers from the Welsh Government, and both myself and Community Cllr Jane Granville have walked the journey ourselves to Cynffig Comprehensive school.

We will not give up on the children in our community. I echo everything that both Community Cllr Jane Granville and County Cllr Richard Granville have said on continuing to fight this. I am pleased that we have County Councillor Richard Granville, and Community Councillor Jane Granville, along with the support of many parents and others across the constituency taking on this fight too. If this is something that is affecting you or your children, then please get in touch with my office.”


Image Credit: School Bus travelling through Cornelly, Oct 2021, by Lisa Baker