Dutch Angelina awarded for workplace Welsh

A keen language learner from the Netherlands has won a major award for her prowess with Welsh at work!

Angelina Mitchell, who grew up speaking Dutch and now works for leading Welsh education and training provider ACT, was named the Work Welsh Learner of the Year (Intermediate level). She received the amazing honour as part of the National Work Welsh Awards 2022, run by the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

Originally from Groningen in the north of the Netherlands, she moved to Cardiff with her now husband – a fluent Welsh speaker from Pwllheli, in Gwynedd.

She said: “I’m very happy to win this award. I love learning languages in general, as I can speak five other languages as well.

“I also love seeing people’s reaction when I start speaking Welsh. They always seem very happy and proud that a Dutch girl like me puts in the effort to learn their language!”

For ACT, which has bases across South Wales, including Cardiff, Caerphilly, Barry, Pontypool, Ebbw Vale and more, Angelina is an Internal Quality Assurer in Digital Services. She uses Welsh when supporting colleagues with courses in Digital Design, Digital Marketing and Social Media. In addition, she works directly with learners, some of whom are fluent first-language Welsh speakers. Angelina skilfully supports them to complete their entire qualifications in Welsh.

Always keen to brush up on the language, she still attends Welsh classes twice a week and advises anyone who wants to learn it to sign up for a course with Dysgu Cymraeg or Nant Gwrtheyrn.

She added: “These tutors are great and you will meet some amazing people with a similar passion – the Welsh Language!”

For more on the training opportunities at ACT, visit www.acttraining.org.uk/