Eakin Surgical expands medical device contract manufacturing capabilities in Wales

Eakin Surgical – a long-established UK single-use surgical instruments manufacturer based in Cardiff, South Wales – have announced that they are scaling up their contract manufacturing services, helping medical device OEMs reduce costs, meet rising demand for sterile packaging and weather supply shortages.

The covid-19 pandemic has led to a surge in demand for sterile packaging solutions and single-use medical equipment as healthcare facilities seek to curb the spread of infections.

After a number of years successfully delivering ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilisation services and sterile packing services from its UK-based clean rooms, Eakin Surgical is now expanding its business in the medical device contract manufacturing segment to offer more value-added services to its customers from its base in Cardiff.

Utilising its extensive expertise as a trusted UK manufacturer – backed by over 20 years’ experience – the new service will benefit OEMs, offering all facets of medical device manufacturing from plastics injection moulding to assembly and packaging in an ISO Class 8 cleanroom, and EtO sterilisation.

The company will also offer huge experience in sourcing hard-to-find parts and components for complex medical devices. Helping business to realise cost efficiencies and optimise their supply chain in light of rising demand and logistics disruptions.

Matthew Krolak, Business Development Manager at Eakin Surgical, said: “Eakin Surgical is a well-respected manufacturer of single-use-surgical instruments that are sold worldwide, and we have long been a trusted partner to the NHS. Having serviced the industry for over 20 years, the creation of a new contract manufacturing service is an exciting development that allows us to offer our knowledge and expertise to support the recovery of elective care and meet rising demand for sterile packing and single-use instruments worldwide, offering businesses access to high-quality, cost-effective and reliable solutions.”

The new Contract Manufacturing programme builds upon Eakin Surgical’s current services, offering the same rigorous quality control procedures and reliable solutions.

As local systems work hard to recover elective services to pre-pandemic levels – and many manufacturers are still struggling to catch up with sudden increased demand for parts and products – the company can help OEMs meet challenges, whether it’s reducing operating costs, navigating regulatory hurdles, or shortening time to market.

Matthew added: “Regardless of whether you are bringing a new device to market and need assistance with design or regulatory processes or if you have an established product and need to increase your production ability, we can help.”

Eakin Surgical is a well-respected manufacturer of sterile single-use surgical instruments, successfully supplying various NHS Trusts and Health Boards. The company is part of the wider Eakin Healthcare Group. Their north Cardiff manufacturing site in south-east Wales includes several state-of-the art ETO sterilisation chambers, which they utilise for their own products as well as offering the service to third-party customers.

Since the end of 2021, Eakin Surgical has almost doubled its third-party EtO business.

Located in the Southwest of Britain, they offer customers easy reach of significant surgical instruments and medical device manufacturing clusters, dramatically reducing transport distances and lightening the environmental impact, as well as competitive pricing.

For more information, visit: https://www.eakinsurgical.com/contract-manufacturing/