Latest news on how 20mph speed limits will be introduced in Bridgend County Borough

The Town and Community Council Forum of Bridgend County Borough Council has received an update on how new 20mph speed limits will be introduced next year.

It follows confirmation from Welsh Government that the default speed limit for built-up areas will change from 30mph to 20mph in September 2023 in order to reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities while making walking and cycling safer and more attractive for the public.

As part of the new legislation, a 20mph Task Force has been created to work closely with local authorities to identify which roads will be included, and which will be an exception to the new limits.

This work is currently taking place and the council is providing local knowledge and traffic management expertise. Once complete, the authority will carry out public consultation over which roads could potentially be exempt from the new limits.

Cllr John Spanswick, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “The forthcoming change in the speed limit for built-up areas across Wales has the potential to offer many benefits for local communities.

“It has already been proven that reducing speed by just 10mph can make a major difference in road safety, and that 20mph zones can help to reduce the number of serious accidents while also cutting down on emissions and helping to meet net zero carbon targets.

“This is something that we will be seeking to discuss further once the work is complete and we are ready to undertake public consultation over the plans.”