Latest on Maesteg Bus Station

Bridgend County Borough Council have confirmed that they are working on a solution to an ongoing issue of unauthorised vehicles parking at Maesteg Bus Station.

Earlier this month, First Cymru Buses Ltd made the decision to remove their bus services from the bus station due to an accident involving a car and a bus.

Drivers have been observed using the bus station illegally as a turning point and for parking – creating a safety hazard as well as contravening a traffic order which prohibits access for vehicles except buses from the area which is enforceable by South Wales Police.

Following unsuccessful attempts to deter this behaviour through clear notices and requests for this to cease, the local authority has requested further enforcement of the moving traffic offence.

Janine Nightingale, Corporate Director for Communities, said: “The council do not have the power to enforce the current restriction.

“We are currently seeking to introduce an additional order that would allow civil enforcement to take place and further manage the concerns of the bus company in terms of public safety.

“In the interim, the bus company are running their services from surrounding bus stops. The Service No. 70/71, for example, is operating from Castle Street, outside and opposite Maesteg Campus.”

Drivers are reminded that they can make use of free car parking provision adjacent to the bus station on Llynfi Road.