More than 40 years of youth exchange with Stuttgart

Young people who access North Ely Youth Service and Cardiff’s wider Youth Services provision, have embarked on the 41styouth exchange with Stamheim Youth Centre in Stuttgart.

The group of eight 13-17 year olds, will spend 10 days exploring Austria, enjoying indoor and outdoor activities as well as visits to the Mercedes Benz Museum and a theme park.

Cabinet Member for Tackling Poverty and Supporting Young People, Cllr Peter Bradbury said; “As a young person myself, I used to attend North Ely Youth Centre and it is pleasing to hear of this exciting opportunity whichprovides valuable and memorable experiences to young people, which they may not usually have access to.

“Cardiff has been twinned with Stuttgart for many years with the relationship between our two cities remaining strong. By both Cardiff and Stuttgart continuing to welcome youth exchanges, allows young people to engage with various activities, gain new skills and build friendships.”

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