MS heads out on Saturday night patrol with South Wales Police – and helps ‘resident’ find their way home!

Ogmore MS Huw Irranca-Davies, headed out with local Police officers, Sergeant Watts and PCSO Morgan, during one of their patrols around the Llynfi Valley last Saturday to experience a night shift patrol for himself – however, he perhaps got more than he bargained for as the patrol were faced with an escaped calf on Bryn Road!

Officers on patrol often deal with the unexpected on a night shift, but even they were surprised to see the Calf in the middle of the road.

Both parties were keen to share the experience on social media:

Huw Irranca-Davies MS said:

“Out last night on patrol with our PCSOs and officers around the valleys.”

“It wasn’t quite the Streets of San Francisco (for those of a certain vintage) but I reckon they let this calf out onto Bryn Road deliberately, just to get the picture!”

Thanks to the great team of South Wales Police officers and PCSOs in our valleys for letting me spend time with them on a shift last night. Learned a lot. And shared my cattle-wrangling skills too!  All the best to you all.”