New rules agreed for future use of Porthcawl Harbour

The Cabinet of Bridgend County Borough Council met this week to discuss a public consultation on the adoption of a set of new byelaws at Porthcawl Harbour.

Available to complete online through a link on the consultation page of the council’s website, the consultation ran over 12 weeks from 23 August to 14 November 2021.

In addition to the public consultation, established groups such as the Coastal Partnership and the Harbour Stakeholder Group were consulted on matters relating to safety and their views played a part in the decision to implement the new byelaws in the area. Members of these groups include the RNLI, National Coastwatch Institute, local councillors, town council, watersports operators and a representative of the berth holders at Porthcawl Marina.

The public consultation set out to encourage citizens to share their views on the proposals and their experience of Porthcawl Harbour, attracting a total of 186 interactions from survey completions in the process. The new rules and guidelines arising from the consultation make up the new byelaws that will be applicable to the area.

The new byelaws affect such topics as the berthing, navigation and speed of sea faring vessels, rules around fishing, swimming and diving, car parking, lock-gates and slipway usage as well as general health and safety guidelines.

Cllr, Stuart Baldwin, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “The adoption of these new byelaws in and around Porthcawl Marina will greatly improve the safety aspect for the public and help the day-to-day functionality for those who work in the area too.

“The consultation highlighted some key areas that were of concern to the public and we have incorporated them into the proposals and acted on them accordingly with appropriate measures.

“The main changes to the bye laws centre around the removal of swimmers from areas where they could come to harm as well as general health and safety improvements.

“This is a very busy and popular part of Porthcawl. The new byelaws will make the marina safer, cleaner and more enjoyable for the residents and the many visitors who come to the area.”