North Cardiff business hub appoints Community Manager as it continues to grow membership

  • Community Manager is appointed at Cwrt Coworking following successful launch earlier this year
  • Hub will be a base for community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses as well as a host of business support courses
  • Next steps will involve continuing to build coworking and office membership and fostering a close-knit, collaborative member network

A growing coworking and business support hub in Llanishen has appointed its Community Manager as it looks to welcome more members and build on its already thriving community.

Adam Sparkes has been appointed as Cwrt Coworking’s Community Manager and will be responsible for finding and supporting new members, sourcing and organising business mentors, arranging events and the general day-to-day running of the space.

Cwrt, based in the New Directions building on Cardiff Business Park in Llanishen, is run by coworking and small business experts, Town Square Spaces Ltd (TownSq) which also operates spaces in London, Wrexham, West Sussex, Oxfordshire, Devon and Rhyl.

The modern building boasts 14 small and medium offices, a coworking space for up to 60 people and a number of meeting rooms. It aims to facilitate the changing way people work, by providing a flexible workspace for individuals, right through to growing teams.

Under Adam’s leadership, the space has already welcomed 49 members and filled five of its office spaces, but the team is keen to continue on this strong trajectory going forward.

Adam has worked as a retail manager for various companies over the past thirteen years, but it was TownSq’s overarching ethos of community building and its B-Corp status that inspired him to move into the new role.

Adam said that he was excited to be at the helm of a brand new hub with the challenge of getting desk space filled and nurturing strong relationships between members: “It’s been a privilege to join the TownSq team and be a part of Cwrt’s first steps from launching to meeting and working with the founding members. TownSq is a leader in the drive for more flexible, accessible and affordable working options, and I found myself instantly aligning with the company’s values of being kind to the planet and the local communities we work within.

“Our vision for Cwrt is for it to become a place synonymous with growth, where people embark on new business ventures, develop existing ones, and reach new heights with the support of a diverse mix of other entrepreneurs and professionals. The space is already buzzing with the sharing of ideas and feedback, offers of discounts and partnerships, and stimulating conversations – this will only increase as our community grows, and I look forward to seeing the positive knock-on effect it will have on the businesses who are part of it.

“I would encourage any business owner, remote worker or professional in the North Cardiff area to get in touch and find out a little more about coworking and how we can support you at Cwrt!”

As well as being available for meetings and events, Cwrt is already embarking on its mission to build a community of founders, freelancers and entrepreneurs, creating jobs and boosting the local economy.

Community Director for TownSq, Jamie McGowan said: “The Community Manager is a key part of the support we offer at our hubs. Coworking is not just about providing desk space and internet access, it’s about fostering a community of supportive individuals and teams, who can share experience and help each other grow.

“Adam is just the person to do that, and his incredible sense of purpose will be invaluable as he helps people take their first steps to a new way of working.”

To learn more about Cwrt or to book a tour, you can call 02922 521 029 or email