Nuvolt Ltd Celebrates Green Business of the Year nomination at Cardiff Business Awards

In an impressive display of commitment to supporting businesses sustainability and innovation, Nuvolt Ltd has been announced as a finalist for the prestigious Green Business of the Year award at the Cardiff Business Awards. This nomination highlights Nuvolt’s impactful contributions both locally and nationally, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards a sustainable future.

Nuvolt, a Cardiff-based renewable energy installation company, has been at the forefront of integrating low carbon technology solutions in a variety of projects across the UK. Their in-house technical capabilities, coupled with a keen eye for design and product knowledge, have set new standards in the renewable energy sector. The company’s approach to each project, whether it involves new developments, refurbishments, or retrofits, is marked by a deep understanding of sustainable practices and innovative technologies.

At the heart of Nuvolt’s success is a close-knit team of net-zero professionals. Their collaborative spirit and expertise have been pivotal in driving the company’s vision forward. “This nomination is a reflection of our team’s hard work and dedication. Each member plays a crucial role in supporting and guiding our client’s journey towards sustainability” said Matthew Phillips, Director, at Nuvolt.

Guiding this dynamic team are Nuvolt‘s visionary directors, whose experience and leadership have been instrumental in shaping the company’s path. Their strategic direction and commitment to quality have not only fostered a culture of excellence within Nuvolt but has also contributed significantly to the broader goal of achieving Net-Zero Carbon ambitions for clients and businesses in Wales and across the UK.

Nuvolt’s recognition at the Cardiff Business Awards reinforces the belief that sustainable practices and business success can go hand in hand, setting an inspiring example for others in the industry. Nuvolt’s ambitions align with the Welsh Government’s Net Zero Strategic Plan, showcasing an ambitious path towards decarbonisation.

For more information about Nuvolt and their projects, visit or contact 0330 311 2454.


About Nuvolt Ltd

Founded in 2021, Nuvolt Ltd is a leader in advising, designing, constructing, maintaining, and optimizing low carbon technology solutions. Based in Cardiff, South Wales, the company is committed to bringing innovative sustainable solutions through integrated low carbon technology, contributing significantly to the UK’s Net Zero Carbon ambitions. Installation of Solar, Battery Storage and EV Charging Stations.