PureCyber Pledges to Strengthen Security of Welsh SMEs

Cyber security consultancy PureCyber has teamed up with FSB Wales, Swansea University and Thomas Carroll Group to run free roadshows to raise cyber awareness across Wales with the first events planned in Cardiff and Wrexham.

The events at Cardiff City Stadium on Wednesday (June 29th) and Wrexham FC on September 15th are funded by Higher Education Funding Council Wales and focus on making Wales’ many successful and growing SMEs cyber aware and cyber secure.

The team from PureCyber, which recently rebranded from Wolfberry, will be on hand to talk to SMEs about the growing concerns around cyber safety and the simple steps they can take to improve their cyber security posture.

Last year the NSCS (National Cyber Security Centre) reported that cybercrime is the most likely crime to impact on any business, with more than four million cyber-attacks on small businesses in the UK ever year, with more than 50% of these come from phishing. 1

Welsh Government’s aim is to build Wales to become a global hub of excellence in cyber security, with plans to employ thousands of cyber professionals across the country. PureCyber’s mission is to work alongside Welsh Government and stakeholders to develop skilled cyber professionals but also to help create a nation of cyber savvy SMEs, confident in their cyber security capabilities and resilience.

Damon Rands, CEO of PureCyber, said:

‘We are passionate about making cyber security accessible, affordable and understandable for all businesses regardless of size, sector or location. As we’re headquartered in Wales, we are also committed to raising the awareness of cyber security across the nation, working closely with businesses of one person all the way up to thousands of staff to ensure they all have the relevant levels of cyber security layers in place to protect their processes and data from attack.’

‘To support our goal, we have launched a Micro and SME subscription service that is available alongside PureCyber’s Cyber Essentials service clients, which offers the opportunity to spread the cost across 12 months, making adopting the best cyber security practices more manageable for businesses looking to strengthen their awareness and understanding of cyber security and to become secure from attack.’

Businesses are very welcome to contact us for more details and attend both free roadshows. For further information please contact [email protected]