Quantum Advisory gives update on the UK economy and pension schemes: Free Breakfast Seminar, Tuesday 29 November

Quantum Advisory explains what is going on with the UK economy and how it implicates pension schemes and investments 

With the current unsettled markets and recent indecisive government actions, people could be forgiven for worrying about the impact these are having on pension schemes and their investments.

Quantum Advisory has assembled a team of industry experts who can explain in detail what is happening with the UK economy right now, the ramifications for pension schemes and their investments and what Pension Scheme Trustees and Employers should be thinking about and doing to best navigate through these turbulent times.

Quantum’s Pensions for Breakfast seminar will take place on Tuesday, 29 November at the Celtic Manor Twenty Ten Clubhouse where specialist speakers will break down the recent economic episodes and forecast what could be coming next.

Another big issue facing all occupational pension schemes over the next 12 months is the Pensions Regulator’s Single Code of Practice. The new code consolidates, updates and extends the existing rules in a bid to modernise and future-proof the system. Consisting of 51 topic-based modules across five themes, Trustees will need to ensure they are fully compliant within 12 months of it coming into force. Leading pension lawyers Osborne Clarke will join the speaker panel at the seminar to explain the latest on the new code, what it is likely to mean for Trustees and how best to embrace its requirements.

The event is free to attend for all pension scheme trustees, pension managers, finance directors, HR managers and anyone who has an interest in pensions, investments and the economy. Registration and pre-networking starts at 8am, with the seminar taking place from 8.30am to 9.45am, with refreshments and networking afterwards. To book your complimentary space email events@qallp.co.uk.