The Bee Shop celebrates Candlemas

The Bee Shop in Monmouth’s Agincourt Street is celebrating the ancient tradition of Candlemas this week. Candlemas, 2 February, marks Winter’s mid-point, between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Candles are lit to celebrate the coming of Spring and for many traditions, it is time for rededication and pledges for the coming year. Many Christians celebrate Candlemas when all the candles for use in the coming year are brought into the church and blessed.

For Bees for Development, the charity which runs The Bee Shop, Candlemas is a chance to highlight the power of bees and their incredible contribution to humankind and to nature. Many candles are made with British beeswax from local suppliers, and North Wales, and also from Ugandan beeswax. Choose between pillar candles or taper candles which lift any dining table. Handmade in our studio, filling the building with a wonderful aroma, the golden Ugandan beeswax is made into pumpkin candles at Halloween, poppies for Remembrance Day, Christmas trees, and bee skeps and ducks – yes ducks! – all the year round. Their re-usable silicone moulds are filled to the brim with molten Ugandan beeswax which has been carried back to Monmouth from Uganda by Project Manager, Sean Lawson, on return from working with Bees for Development’s team in Uganda.

Sean was giving training in beeswax processing, so that beekeepers can sell through commercial markets in Kampala and Arua. Ugandan beeswax is an incredibly high quality, from local style hives, where both honey and wax are harvested. The absence of treatments in the hives or insecticides over the large areas of unfarmed forest in Aru- mean that the agrochemical-free beeswax is perfect for many applications, including cosmetics.

The power of bees to present a solution to poverty around the world – with highly sustainable methods of beekeeping – is a great cause for celebration as Bees for Development continues to deliver training and resources to remote, poverty-stricken areas of the world.

The Bee Shop is beside Monmouth Shire Hall and Agincourt Square. Come and see the candles for sale and enjoy the other bee related items which make perfect gifts.  You will find the best selection of local honey as well an amazing array of other special honeys: from the Chestnut groves of Northern Italy, Magic Honey from the forests of Zambia and smooth Lavender honey from the fields of southern France.  You are welcome to drop in and talk to any of the staff about the charity and the work going on to ensure that promises made to countries around the world to offer sustainable opportunities for climbing out of poverty – are being kept and commitments of long-term reliable aid are being honoured.