Unique Cardiff Exhibition Combines Art and Acrobats

A local artist with a flair for fashion and an aptitude for acrobats is combining his two passions for a unique exhibition featuring live performances and immersive installations.

Ollïï Park, who trained with No Fit State Circus in Cardiff and Bristol’s Circomedia, has developed the ‘Wánjù Concept’ exhibition which will showcase three carefully engineered sustainable skirts alongside interactive displays and culminate in an impressive performance.

Ollii Park

After receiving funding from the Arts Council of Wales to pilot a prototype design, Ollïï engineered the distinctive gravity-defying skirts based on toy mechanics and using solely recycled, repurposed and environmentally conscious materials.

With acrobats and circus performers in mind, the skirts’ fabrication means they remain in place even while the wearer is at their most active.

Ollii Park’s gravity-defying skirt

Ollïï, who is originally from Andalusia in Spain and now lives in Pontypool, said: “The Wánjù Concept is a collection of my work that takes the viewer on a journey, all the way from the very first lightbulb moment to the end product of wearable art that remains upright even when inverted for use in primarily circus performance. Viewers will get to see the final concept in action via interactive demonstrations at the show throughout the day.”

Ollïï designed the skirts at his home in Cardiff using 3D printing and materials made from recycled crisp packets fused together. Speaking about his vision, he said: “I took inspiration from the Chinese finger trap’s plain bias weaving style, among other engineered concepts, to make a select few prototypes. I’m really excited to be able to present these representations in English, Welsh, Mandarin and Cantonese at the exhibition.”

The Wánjù Concept showcasing Ollïï’s work, will take place on Saturday 12 November at the NoFit State Community Circus in Cardiff. Performances will run every hour from 14:30 – 18:30.

The event will have an interpreter for Mandarin and Welsh.

For more information about the exhibition visit https://tinyurl.com/4fjm44x4. To find out more about Ollïï, visit www.olliiparkpresents.com.