Unique eco vapour-phase technology being used in sanitary and PPE disposal units across the globe

01/12/2015 Pics (C) Huw John, Cardiff. MANDATORY BYLINE - Huw John, Cardiff Genesis Biosciences, Cardiff e-mail: mail@huwjohn.com Web: www.huwjohn.com

An innovative anti-viral and anti-bacterial PPE and sanitary waste bin liner developed in the UK has become the first of its kind to be launched worldwide, maintaining hygienic facilities across the globe and ultimately protecting medical staff and washroom users from harmful bacteria.

Biosan ActivLiner is a triple action product for the containment, disinfection and deodorisation of PPE and feminine hygiene waste and was created by Genesis Biosciences in the height of the pandemic at its Cardiff laboratories. The natural liner is the latest product in the Biosan range which includes a variety of delivery systems including biodegradable cards, powders, granules and sheets, as well as the Biosan Total-Release Sanitiser.

Sanitary waste can contain between 1 million and 10 million harmful bacteria per gram when placed in a bin. When using ineffective treatments, bacteria levels in the waste can rapidly increase to infectious levels over 100 million per gram in just a few days. This level of bacteria creates severe malodour and can pose a risk to the health of washroom users and service personnel.

Biosan products are based on a unique blend of volatile plant extracts that remain active throughout the bin, controlling micro-organisms and suppressing odours at the source by implementing Genesis’ patented, natural vapour technology. All Biosan products undergo stringent checks and controls to ensure that the nature-led solution is effective and safe.

Genesis Biosciences General Manager Dr. Emma Saunders said of the product launch: “We are really excited to be bringing the Biosan ActivLiner to market and enabling users to experience the unique qualities that make it superior to similar products already out there. Unlike other anti-microbial liners which are based on silver ion technology and work only via direct contact, the active biocidal vapours produced by our ActivLiner permeate the surface of waste without contact, eradicating pathogens and preventing odours developing at source.

“The immediate fragrance action, which creates a pleasant aroma in the waste unit and surrounding room, is actually one of the first noticeable effects. The natural antimicrobial vapours then permeate the whole unit and continue to be effective even when the waste unit is full. Effective treatment of waste units from one liner lasts up to four weeks, which is up to 30% longer than most available products. The totally dry system has been specifically developed to release the natural germicide in a controlled manner to ensure effectiveness throughout the duration of the service cycle.”

The Biosan ActivLiner is manufactured in accordance with recognised international ISO standards and complies with EU Biocidal Products Regulation 528/2012 (EU BPR). For more information about the complete Biosan range, visit www.biosanseries.com.


Image caption: Dr. Emma Saunders, 01/12/2015 Pics (C) Huw John, Cardiff.