UWTSD Outdoor Education students experience the wonders of Norway

Two students from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s Outdoor Adventure Education course have experienced the wonders of Norway through an exchange programme.

BA Outdoor Adventure Education students Jack Craft and Will Roberts studied at the University of South – Eastern Norway (USN) in Bø for a semester. They applied after hearing their lecturers and previous students speak highly of the experience of the Norway Exchange.

 Jack said:

“I knew of this opportunity before choosing to come to this university and it was one of the reasons I chose to apply to come here. This was an opportunity that could not be missed. I have previously travelled and spent time learning in New Zealand, so I understand the value of learning from different cultures. Plus, I have always wanted to visit Norway and thought what better way to do it  – spending 5 months living and learning with not only Norwegians but many nationalities as part of an exchange.”

For Jack, the exchange was a truly unforgettable experience. He said:

“It has helped me understand so much about myself when in outdoor settings. Being confident in this exchange provided me the perfect opportunity to develop those skills in a true winter environment that we never experience here in the UK.

“This opportunity taught me the value of organisation, expedition planning, camp craft, prioritising tasks and leadership skills.”

The Outdoor Adventure Education course at UWTSD had thoroughly prepared the students for their studies in Norway. Jack adds:

“Something that became clear within a week or so was how the content we studied at UWTSD in the first semester flowed directly into the content that was taught at USN. It felt as though I had a head start with the theories and content that was taught. This helped to cement the prior knowledge and develop my own style of leadership along side being in such a beautifully harsh new environment of the Norwegian Backcountry.”

This opportunity also provided Jack with many thoughts on which direction to take his dissertation project, and has, as a result given him an insight into his now research project that he would have otherwise not had.

The exchange programme has helped both to develop personally.  Jack said:

“ I now have the skills to operate in harsh winter conditions adding to the skillset I already possessed for thriving in the outdoors. My confidence also as a person has expanded thus allowing me to strive to achieve more from my personal, academic, and professional life now and upon my departure from university.”

UWTSD Outdoor Adventure Education Lecturer Denise Leonard said:

” I believe this experience has given Jack and Will an opportunity to experience outdoor adventure education in natural environments which contrast those they will experience in the UK. It deepens their understanding of their own practice and enhances their knowledge of cultural perspectives in relation to both pedagogy and subject. The opportunities for personal growth, skill acquisition and professional development are vast.”

As Jack looks back on his time in Norway – he encourages others to apply.

“ Grant yourself the opportunity to experience the wonders of Norway and learn from some of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Dive fully into the experience maximising the personal development that is afforded by this opportunity.”

For more information about the BA Outdoor Adventure Education degree at The University of Wales Trinity Saint David Carmarthen campus, please visit us at www.uwtsd.ac.uk or contact the course admissions tutor denise.leonard@uwtsd.ac.uk