Viking and Napoleonic battles come to Fonmon Castle this summer

The Vikings and the Napoleonic Cavalry are coming to Fonmon Castle in the Vale of Glamorgan this summer.

The Viking Festival on August 13 and 14 promises all the excitement and drama of sword and shield, with Blaeddau Du Viking re-enactment teaming up with The Vikings Dark Age Re-enactment for an event full of Valhalla and fun. Witness Viking battles and visit the Viking encampment to watch Viking craftspeople at work, meet Viking traders and chat to Viking cooks about the foods they ate. You’ll get to handle swords and shields, feel how heavy their chain mail was, and learn about how they dressed, feasted, fought and celebrated.

Infantry, artillery and cavalry muster together on August 20 and 21 when the Duke of Wellington’s British and allied regiments meet the massed forces of The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in a spectacular Napoleonic Cavalry weekend. See history brought to life as the rival forces battle it out then visit the troops’ encampments to meet the soldiers and their horses and learn more about the weapons, battle techniques and military life of the Napoleonic era.

On both weekends the castle’s regular attractions will also be open, so you can explore the medieval living history village, picturesque gardens, story trail, woodland valley sculpture trail, wild walks and dinosaur park. Watch the children play the adventure playgrounds and relax with food and drinks in the Castle tea rooms – or bring a picnic to enjoy in the beautiful grounds.

Living history expert Ross O’Hennessy, who runs the attractions at Fonmon Castle, said:

“We’re very excited to bring Fonmon Castle alive with the help of several amazing re-enactment teams this summer. These really will be two spectacular weekends, with a chance to fully immerse yourself in living history, have fun and learn at the same time. And with the castle’s regular attractions all open too, it’s easy to make a day of it.”