Walking and cycling improvements: Sanatorium Road, Broad Street, Lansdowne Road & Grosvenor Street, Canton.

Walking and cycling improvements: Sanatorium Road, Broad Street, Lansdowne Road & Grosvenor Street, Canton.


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 What is the scheme?

The scheme is part of an active travel project for Canton which is being funded by a grant from the Welsh Government. It aims to make improvements for people travelling on foot, scooter, and bicycle to local schools and elsewhere. It will make permanent and extend some of the changes that have taken place on this corridor in the last two or three years. Apublic consultationon the scheme took place between 08/08/2021 and 15/09/2021.


What is happening?

Changes are being made to footways and junctions to improve walking and cycling journeys. See the map for details. Changes include:

• Footways will be resurfaced.

• The widened footway on the west side of Sanatorium Road will be kept for shared use by pedestrians and cyclists.

• The muddy path by Park Vets following the ‘desire line’ for pedestrians will be tarmacked to create a footway.

• The signalised junctions of Sanatorium Road with Lansdowne Road and Broad Street will be reconfigured and have diagonal, signal-controlled crossings for pedestrians so that crossings are easier and safer.

• Changes will be made to the junctions of side roads (Lansdowne Road East & West and Brunswick Street) to make it easier for pedestrians to cross.

• There will be planting of ‘rain gardens’ to improve the appearance and help with surface water drainage.

• Grosvenor Street will be permanently one-way northbound for traffic with only bicycles permitted southbound.


How long will the works to construct the improvements last?

The works started on November 6, 2023, and are scheduled to the end of March 2024. There will be a break over the Christmas period.

Construction start date: 6 November 2023

Christmas break: 20 December 2023 – 4 January 2024

Expected completion date: 22 March 2024

Key dates and temporary highway changes

-One-Way Closure – Sunday 26thNovember from 9.30am until 20 December 2023.

Sanatorium Road Southbound from the junction of Lansdowne Road.


-Temporary Traffic Lights – from 9.30am 4 January 2024 until 22 March 2024.

Lansdowne Road junction with Sanatorium Road and Grosvenor Street.


-Temporary Traffic Lights – From 9.30am 5 January 2024 until 22nd March 2024

Sanatorium Road junction with Broad Street.


What is the impact on roads during the construction period?

Road closures are necessary for the ongoing works. Sanatorium Road, under the railway bridges, will be one-way towards Canton from 26/11/23 to 20/12/23, with a diversion route indicated on the map. Daily monitoring will occur, and adjustments to traffic lights on Atlas Road and Broad Street will be made to alleviate congestion. We’re exploring temporary measures, such as residents using the Ely Bridge exit on The Mill estate during this period.

What changes can be expected after Christmas?

Post-Christmas, a different setup is required for worker access to the Lansdowne Road junction. Temporary traffic lights will be installed on Lansdowne Road and Broad Street. Further updates to follow.


What if there is an issue with access/noise/contractors onsite?

The contract for the works has been awarded to Horan Construction.www.horan.co.uk/02920 482048.


Will the works result in a reduction in on-road parking spaces?

No, there will be no reduction in existing spaces.