Work begins on new traffic lights for busy town centre junction

copyright Lisa Baker 2021

Work has started to replace ageing traffic lights at a busy Bridgend town centre junction.

The traffic lights, which have been in operation for more than 25 years, are located along the A473 at the junction between Park Street and Angel Street.

As the A473 remains one of the county borough’s most well-used routes, the work is essential in order to ensure that traffic can continue to flow efficiently and to safeguard driver and pedestrian safety for the future.

While drivers have been advised to expect some temporary disruption during the work, overhead microwave detectors are being used which mimic the original phasing of traffic lights at the junction.

With council officers monitoring the traffic flow, this means that the temporary lights will operate more efficiently and cause fewer delays for motorists.

The necessary work, which follows the previous upgrading of traffic lights on the A473’s junction with Broadlands, is expected to take a few weeks to complete.

Every effort is being made to minimise inconvenience and to finish the upgrade as quickly as possible.

  • Look out for further updates on how the work to upgrade the ageing traffic light signals is progressing.