Cadre secures funding round for Awen Collective

Cadre Advisory has supported Awen Collective on its Seed Plus round of funding from former investors for achieving international growth targets and reaching goals in product development.

The Cardiff-based business finance consultancy helps entrepreneurs scale and grow their companies while offering complete accountancy and corporate strategy advice service. Cadre’s team led by Tom O’Brien was able to support the six-figure funding which came from previous investors led by the Dutch Security Tech Fund of TIIN Capital, with SFC Capital and an angel, Paul Rix, also providing follow-on capital.

“We are delighted to support Awen in their latest investment round which will aid their development in the coming months.” said Cadre Advisory Director, Tom O’Brien. “We’ve been working with Awen for five years and we are delighted to watch their incredible growth year on year. It has been great to see that investors have real faith in the company and share in the vision of what Awen could become with the right backing.”

Awen Collective is on a mission to reduce the cyber risk and increase the resiliency of critical industrial sectors such as energy, water, transport and Smart Cities. It works with these organisations, as well as those in manufacturing and warehousing, to identify any vulnerabilities and ensure that these industries are robust against the increasing threat of cyber-attacks.

Awen Collective Executive Chairperson and Founder, Daniel Lewis said “The strategic investment will continue to support our global expansion, including ongoing work in the UK, Europe and beyond, with the help of our investors and partners. The investment has also allowed us to expand our engagement with the industrial sectors through various events and helped grow the awareness of the business on a wider stage.”

Awen’s software was built specifically with industrial engineering processes in mind and is tailored specifically to the unique requirements of Operational Technologies (OT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Awen regularly works alongside industrial giants such as Siemens, and cyber security organisations in the public sector internationally, including the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre.

Daniel adds that “We are very pleased to work with Cadre; a company that understands our business, has shared values and continues to deliver a great service The Cadre team have been a lovely to work with, and we look forward to seeing the great things ahead for us both.”