Genesis Partners with ‘Carbon Footprint’ to Fulfil 100% Net Zero Pledge

Genesis is leading the way when it comes to developing sustainable cleaning solutions and has invested years of scientific investigation and millions of pounds developing its unique innovative eco-friendly microbial and antimicrobial technology. The global company is now looking to replicate its eco-benign philosophy within its products, into its business functions as well.

As part of its ISO 14001 Certification objectives, Genesis pledged to offset 20% of the carbon emissions of 2021. However, following an analysis, the company had already drastically reduced its emissions on previous years due to the pandemic and elected to offset 100%.


Debbie Williams, Group Compliance Officer for Genesis Biosciences, said: “We all know the need to reduce man-made greenhouse gases as both individuals and businesses. It’s about working as a collective to do what we can to try and undo the negative effect that carbon emissions have had on the environment. We partnered with Carbon Footprint which offers a simple method for companies to fund solutions for climate change. We initially calculated our carbon footprint, which we do annually anyway, and this gave us the carbon emissions we needed to offset.

“For our first project, we’ve chosen to fund tree planting in Wales, which feels like a natural choice as it not only gives us the offset we had targeted ourselves, but it’s also a local project, and one that supports the biodiversity.”


Genesis, which has its European headquarters in St Mellons, has so far funded the planting of 19 trees in Wales. Earlier this year, the eco-pioneers unveiled an enhanced concentrated formulation of its General Purpose Sanitiser Concentrate to increase the product’s sustainability credentials and further cut the company’s carbon footprint. The new formulation means a significant reduction in plastic packaging, less energy used in the manufacturing process and reduced liquid volumes for shipping which cuts Genesis’ overall carbon footprint.


Genesis Biosciences has held the ISO 14001 Certification since 2013. For further information about the company’s sustainability commitment visit or watch the video below: .