Low-carbon home reduces fuel bills and cuts emissions at Great Milton Park, Newport

The “ Air Source Heat Pump” heating system installed at Plot 158 on Redrow’s Great Milton Park development, Newport.

Redrow customers at Great Milton Park in Newport are beginning their journey to net zero with the introduction of air source heat pumps as a trial alternative to traditional gas heating.

Air source heat pumps are much more energy efficient than a traditional gas boiler because they extract heat from the environment. They also reduce local air pollutants like nitrogen dioxide that is emitted by boilers.

Supplied by Mitsubishi Electric, an air source heat pump has been installed in an Oxford house type with a traditional radiator system. The house was handed over to its new owner James Bailey in November 2021 and is being closely monitored over a 12 month period under ‘real life’ conditions.

Home owner James Bailey said: “Who doesn’t want to reduce their fuel bills and do their bit for the environment? I’m really happy with the way that the air source heat pump is performing. It does take slightly longer to heat my new larger home, compared to my previous smaller house which had a gas boiler but the insulation is so good here that it is definitely retaining the heat much better and staying warmer for longer which therefore reduces the time it takes to heat.  I’ve quickly got used to the new system and feel good that it is helping me to reduce my carbon footprint.”

Domestic heating currently accounts for around 14% of UK emissions, most of which is due to natural gas boilers, hence why the UK Government has introduced a ban on gas and oil boilers in new homes from 2025. This 12-month trial is fundamental to Redrow’s commitment to building responsibly and will help to define its approach towards zero-carbon homes. Further trials are also being planned  at Great Milton Park for the Welwyn and Henley house types using underfloor heating.

Richard Keogh, technical director for Redrow in South Wales said: “The drive to reduce carbon footprint and cut fuel costs means that the way in which we heat our homes is changing . Heat pump technology is a cost efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat a home and complements Redrow’s existing “fabric first” approach towards sustainable design. We’re hoping that this trial shows that they are also easy to operate and affordable to run as we introduce the low-carbon homes of the future.”

Russell Dean, Head of Residential Heating and Ventilation for Mitsubishi Electric added: “ At Mitsubishi Electric, we are working closely with housing developers to introduce new low carbon heating technologies. Redrow is renowned for building premium homes made for modern living. We’re confident that our reliable and renewable heating technology will deliver highly efficient heating and hot water for its customers all year round.”

Appointments to view the show homes at Great Milton Park are now available.  Call the team today on 01633 328103.